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The Girl is Growing!

I hadn't seen Maya in 10 days and in that time she reinvented herself!

She sits up independently and keeps her balance while reaching for toys.

She is happy to be on her belly for long periods of time and does a kind of movement with her hips and arms that propels her backwards so that she is actually covering some distance. She reaches for everything she sees including my phone and keys. She instigated and kept up her own game of peek-a-boo. She had a bigger blanket that she was able to put over her face and pull away when I would ask, “Where is Maya?” Her attention span (and her skill) at this game way outlasted mine. And, yes, Ann, just for you, she now sucks her toes!

We had a great day of activities listening to a children's music, our now traditional walk to the swings, reading (and sucking) books and exploring lots of different toys.


Maya Eating Her FeetMaya Eating Her Feet

Maya in the Pack-and-PlayMaya in the Pack-and-Play

Bubbe Day Care #3

In the morning, Maya sat on my lap while I did a little computer work. I so wanted to involve her that I found a web site where Barney and his friends sang “If you're happy..” to her. She watched with great interest.

Then we went to the park, watched the children playing, did some swinging and then tried the little hobby car on a spring. Maya loves it all. She can sit and watch the other children all day but she is also happy to try the swing and the hobby car.

In the afternoon we working on sitting and grabbing skills - Maya now rolls over and over until stopped by intervening furniture. I predict she will soon be sitting unaided.

Maya seems to have inherited the Silk interest in food! She is very aware of others who have food and drink and wants to try some! Iz brought pizza for lunch and so Maya enjoyed pizza crusts and apple juice at lunch time and baby bananas for an afternoon snack in addition to her regular breast milk.

Maya and BubbeMaya and Bubbe

Maya Sitting on her OwnMaya Sitting on her Own

Bubbe Day Care Second Report

Maya was all smiles again today. We spent most of our inside time on the floor either up stairs on the play mat or downstairs on a blanket. We went through all of the stuffed animals and picked out two - one for upstairs play a great monkey with long arms and legs - perfect for sucking and a Winnie-the-Pooh puppet for downstairs. She also loves the Elmo clap your hands book! She rolled over from back to front several times and seemed very close to figuring out the reverse. She also sat up at various locations as we worked our way around the house.

She spent ½ hour in her “pack and play” totally entertaining herself with her toys. Maybe she's learning some independent skills at school?

The most interesting thing that happened is that we meet another Maya at the swings at Frick park. She is 18 months old and spells her name after her grandfather Jeremiah- Miah. She also lives on Braddock Ave. in the 1200 block and her Dad, Craig, who was with her, is a professional poker player on the internet.

Happy Anniversary Eli and Annie! Let me know when you want a night to yourselves to celebrate!